About Us

About Us

Welcome to Little Hearts Nursery

We are approved by SPEA (Sharjah Private Education Authority). We understand that choosing a nursery is a huge task, and that you only want the best for your child.

At Little Hearts Nursery we aim to provide a professional service of the highest quality that is accessible and affordable. We aim to build long lasting and effective relationships with you and your child, to get the most out of the experience. We are entirely inclusive of every child, whether they have special education needs or speak English as an additional language.

From the moment you leave your child with us, to the moment you pick them up, you can be confident that they are learning and developing in an immersive, sociable and entirely safe environment.

At Little Hearts Nursery, we believe children learn best through physical and mental challenges. The curriculum is delivered using a mixture of child-initiated play and adult led activities. Active learning takes place because play is purposeful and children are engaged. We believe in ‘personalized learning’ whereby we plan for children as individuals ensuring activities are geared to their interests, style of learning and level of development. We believe that partnership with parents plays an important role in educating young children. 

Parents are made very welcome and information about what the children have been doing is shared with them at regular intervals. They are also invited to contribute to their own children’s learning through planned activities that require parent involvement.


In partnership with parents, we aim to support children’s all-round development through a balance of child centered and adult directed play experiences, within a safe and nurturing environment. We believe children need to feel happy, secure and cared for to progress in their learning and development. Therefore, we value each child as an individual and aim to promote their confidence and independence, enabling them to become competent and capable learners.


We strive to work in partnership with both children and families to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships.

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